Home care systems have really changed over the years. When I grew up, I remember my grandma wearing a large object around her neck. It reminded me of the device put on clothes so no one would steal them. I never understood why she had to wear that. My mom told me she needed some extra help.

Many years later, my own mother needs something in order to help her live her life but with safety precautions put in place. Megcares helps my mom go about her daily routine but in a modified way. The system runs off wireless sensors. So, that means no cameras, no alarm necklaces, just the tracking of her movements.

I remember how my mom would complain when my grandma forgot to put on her alarm necklace. I remember seeing her worry when grandma wouldn’t answer her phone. I can remember many an afternoon when we’d have to drive a half an hour to check on her and stop whatever we were doing.

With Megcares, I don’t have to drive anywhere. I can check in on mom if she doesn’t answer the phone and see that she stepped out of the house because the system can tell me if she used one of her doors. I can see if she’s in the restroom and how long she’s been in there. I don’t worry about falls because I’ll get an alert if her movements are stagnant. I know help can get to her sooner than I can, and just that gives me peace of mind.

Some days, I wish my mother had access to a system like this. It would have given her less stress and she wouldn’t have had to put grandma in a home as soon. Thanks to technology and wireless internet, I can focus on spending time with my own family, not disrupting our day, and taking advantage of this modern care system.