Parents age. It’s inevitable. Instead of denying it, I started to accept it. One thing I did was check out Megcares. It was recommended to me by a co-worker. Let me break down the top five reasons how it will help your parent as they grow older and need more help.

  1. Your parents can stay in their home.

Megcares uses wireless sensors to detect movement. The sensors connect to their servers and run off your parent’s wireless internet. Because your parents have a regular movement pattern, the system will pick up when movement has stopped or become irregular and will make a call to them or send out an alert to you.

  1. Your parents will have privacy.

Many aging parents feel like they are being spied on when their kids put cameras in their home. No cameras are involved with Megcares.

  1. Megcares is there when you can’t be.

We all don’t have the luxury of living down the road from our parents. So, if something happens (like a fall) it’s nice for both parents and kids to know that help can be on the way, right away.

  1. Your parents can use the restroom in peace.

Bathroom falls are one of the biggest concerns with families. If you parent falls, they know they will be there no longer than 10 minutes because they can utilize an alert with the system that gets them help if they are not moving during a designated time.

  1. Your parents don’t need to remember to wear an alert device.

Most alert devices are ineffective because aging parents don’t like to wear them, or don’t remember to wear them. Megcares helps because your parents need to do nothing but live their lives!

These reasons helped me make the choice to use Megcares. If your parents have begun to show signs of needing help, gain peace of mind by knowing that they don’t have to move into a nursing home and can remain comfortable and safe inside their home!