My mom took such great care of me growing up, now it’s time for me to take care of her. As she ages, I’ve noticed how important it is to keep her looking great and feeling great. Here are 3 simple changes I made for my mom!

  1. Mom drinks 8 glasses of water each day.

My mom is forgetful, especially when it comes to making sure she stays hydrated (which is very important at her age). So, I place 8 coated rubber bands around her wrist. When she sees them, it’s a visual cue to remind her to drink a glass of water. When the water is consumed, she removes a band from her wrist. I make it her goal to remove all 8 bands by the end of the day.

  1. I purchased an in-home monitoring system for her.

I came across Megcares online. Putting my mother in a home is not an option just yet. So, this system runs off wireless sensors that send alerts to me if mom isn’t moving after a certain amount of time, or if she’s not picking up her phone; I can view her activity inside and outside the house (the system can even tell me when a door was opened). Mom still has her independence, but can be monitored with ease.

  1. I signed her up for a Silver Sneakers class.

Check out your community rec center. Many places offer free (or reduced) classes that cater to a certain age group. Exercise is so important for aging women. It helps keep their bones strong, their balance in check, and their weight under control. While mom isn’t out running marathons, she is participating in light cardio classes that are low impact, and making friends at the same time!

These changes are small, but they are effective. They help my mother look great, and feel great-which in return; makes me, feel good as well!