(And Out of a Nursing Home)

Making the decision to put your parent in a nursing home is one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make (or so I hear). I chose to take an alternative route. I decided to keep my mom in her home. Yes, her health is starting to decline, and I am able to go over and help out when I can. But, after listening to my mom’s concerns about leaving her own home, I decided to put a system called Megcares in place that gave her what she wanted; but also kept her safe and monitored. Here are some reasons why you too should look into such a system, and keep your parents out of a nursing home.

  1. Nursing Homes Can Take Your Parent’s Home

If your parent’s home is not signed over into your name, there is a good chance that the nursing home can take control of the house in order to pay for care and services provided. When a parent’s health starts to decline, this is the last thing people think about.

  1. Nursing Homes Are Strapped

Not all, but many nursing homes are short staffed. There is a huge demand for employees in the health care field, and jobs can’t get filled up fast enough. If a nursing home is short staffed, this means your parent must wait longer to be toileted, showered, fed, medicated, etc.

  1. Nursing Homes Are Lonely

Yes, most nursing homes offer a variety of services. There are ice cream socials, picnics, shows to watch, events to attend. But, many elderly people do not feel like participating in them. They tend to get down and depressed because they are not in a familiar place. They don’t have their freedom, they don’t have their things, and every step they take or make is heavily restricted or monitored. There really is no place like home. And, the longer your parents are able to stay in their home, the happier they will be.

I realize keeping your parents at home can be a serious risk if there are serious medical issues involved. But, if your parents are just starting to show some signs of aging, there isn’t a need to push the panic button just yet. I suggest giving a system like Megcares a chance first, so you can ensure your parents are happy, safe, and secure under their own roof.