MegCares is your solution for mom or dad living alone

Wireless activity sensors inside her house transmit normal daily activities to our secure servers. You can view real-time reports online and the system can notify you if things don’t look normal.


  • No cameras
  • No stigmatized pendant to wear (or won’t wear)
  • Always on
  • Nothing for mom to do, charge or wear.
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Mom won't wear alert Pendant?

Those alert pendants are great…but we all know they don’t work if mom won’t wear them.

Wireless activity sensors inside her house transmit normal daily activities to our secure servers. You can view real-time reports online and the system can notify you if things don’t look customary.

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MegCares is your solution

Wireless Sensors

Small wireless motion and door sensors are placed inside mom’s house and send activity data to our servers.

Nothing for mom to do, the system is always on and passively monitoring

No Camera's

 Only motion and activity is sensed.

No camera’s or microphones to invade mom’s privacy.

View Activity

Whenever you’re worried, just take a quick peek and see how things are.

Online or with a mobile app.

What is MegCares?

MegCares uses small wireless sensors to track mom or dads normal daily activity.

Walking around the house – getting out of bed – going down the steps – walking into kitchen

Opening bathroom door – opening refrigerator – opening medicine cabinet – leaving the house

The data from the sensors are securely sent to our server. Reports are available to family members or caregivers online.

You can take a quick peek and see how things are, if the phone isn’t answered. Or if mom or dad hasn’t been feeling well, you can closely watch how they’re doing without bothering them with phone calls.

How MegCares Works

Small wireless sensors are installed inside of moms house.

Easy to put up with paint safe tape.

A typical house will have 2 door and 3 motion sensors; however the system can be configured to best suit your needs.

When you purchase MegCares, we help you identify how many and the exact placement of the sensors.

The sensors will communicate with a small hub that is plugged in. This hub sends its data to our secure and private servers over the internet. If wifi is not available in moms house, we have a cellular solution available.

Thats it!
MegCares is now up and running.


Nothing for mom to do

Nothing for mom to wear

Nothing to charge

Nothing to push

Always on and always working

MegCares allows you to worry much less about mom or dad living alone. What a relief.

Watch short video about MegCares

View what's happening online

With MegCares, it’s easy to see how mom’s doing.  Quickly see if she’s home and her last activity.

You can even look at charts and see how things are doing over time.  Trend scores and activity lag reports become available once data patterns are created.

View from your smart phone

App’s are available for iPhone and Android devices.

No answer when you call?… quickly see how things are.


Alerts automate MegCares.  Once setup, they are designed to look for specific events to happen-or not happen.  Like going into the kitchen by a certain time in the morning or if the front door is opened late in the evening.  All alerts will check to see if mom or dad is home- we don’t want to send out alerts if they’re away.  An automated phone call to mom or dad can be set up, allowing mom or dad to cancel the alert if everything is ok.


Morning Alert

Designed to let you know if mom or dad is not up and about by a certain time in the morning.

  • You set when there should be activity detected by
  • Example- 9:00AM
  • Meg will look for activity from any sensor between midnight and 9:00AM
  • If NO activity was detected, the alert process begins



Front Door Alert

The front door alert can be used many ways. It will send a notification if the front- or exterior door- is opened during a specific time period.

  • If you are worried about mom wandering at night, you can be notified if the front door is opened.
  • This can also be used to let you know that a caregiver has arrived- for example between 8:45 AM and 9:00 AM.

Bathroom Alert

  • Once mom enters the bathroom, Meg wants to see more activity.
  • If no activity is detected for a set time period (30 minutes for example), notifications will begin.
  • This alert will let you know if mom is NOT moving inside her bathroom.

Evening Alert

If you have a sensor that is on the bedroom door- or a motion sensor in the bedroom you can have Meg look for this sensor to be triggered during a specific time period- such as between 9:00PM and 11:00 PM.


No Activity Alert

This alert is looking for a defined period (2 hours for this example) of non-activity during the day.

An alert would be sent if MegCares did not detect any activity for a 2 hour period during the daytime, while mom is home.


Medicine Alert

A door sensor is placed on moms medicine cabinet. You program a time period in which this door should be opened. If the sensor is not triggered during this time period, notifications will be sent.


Door Sensors

Motion Sensors



The hub sends the data from the sensors to our secure and private server.  The standard hub connects to wifi, but we have a cellular solution available.


Door Sensors

Door sensors send a signal when the door is opened.  MegCares always has 1 on the front door (to let the system know if home or away) and the second can be placed on a refrigerator, medicine cabinet, or any other door inside the house.


Motion Sensors

Wireless and battery operated (just like the door sensors), these sensors will detect movement.  They are designed to only register mom or dad- not dogs or cats.  Even though dogs and cats are important too.

Extra Sensor

  • Motion Sensor
  • Door Sensor
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